Malory Towers series by Enid Blyton


Some of the earliest books I remember reading are those by Enid Blyton. Among the authors for children’s books, she stands far ahead in the kinds of stories she tells. She has written so many books that it is difficult to keep track of, but some of her most famous books do bring back fond memories when I think of them. This is the first of many reviews I plan to write about some of her novels and series.

The Malory towers series is about a boarding school in Cornwall by the same name for girls. They begin school there at the age of 11 and then continue to finish by the age of 17. The series chronicles the life of the students and the fun they have. It talks about strong bonds of friendship and great values in life ad how these can shape a person. The first book is about a girl called Darren who joins the first form and how she adjusts to the new life where girls sleep in dormitories and share their things and are loud but have a lot of fun playing pranks on their teachers and of course having the ever famous midnight feasts. The rest of the books follow the same set of girls as they go up each year and the kind of problems they face with each year. It describes the hard work they need to put in and the kind of qualities brought out in each girl.

The stories are heartwarming, fun and light to read. In spite of that they keep you entertained and you end up loving the characters you read about. Such harmless stories filled with so much meaning and a lot of ideals which we can and should follow in life. These are the kind of books that one can read at any time. There is no particular age to read these books and Enid Blyton’s books are forever. I recommend these books for the sheer joy they bring and the life they add. Frankly I have always secretly wished I could attend one of their midnight feasts!!

More thoughts and reviews on the various books by Enid Blyton will come soon. I do hope there are people out there who share my love for these books.

– Dark Warrior

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