Necessary Sacrifices by Zoe Cannon

necessary sacrifice

Book Blurb:

A year and a half ago, Becca Dalcourt joined the resistance. Three months ago, she started working undercover inside Internal Defense. A year from now, she’ll probably be dead. She knows the odds. She’s seen how the life of a double agent ends.

All she wants is a chance to do something with what little time she has left. Something big. Something meaningful. But the resistance doesn’t trust her, and her job transcribing torture sessions hasn’t given her anything but the names of dissidents whose lives, according to her resistance contact, aren’t worth saving.

So when she discovers a secret government program designed to brainwash dissidents into loyal citizens, she resolves to shut it down, no matter the cost. Even if her plan puts everyone she loves in danger. Even if the most experienced resistance fighters say it can’t be done. Even if it means betraying the only person who sees past the mask she wears every day.

Even if she has to do it alone.

The sequel to THE TORTURER’S DAUGHTER, which has been praised for its dark realism, NECESSARY SACRIFICES asks how you fight an enemy that can’t be defeated… and what sacrifices are worth making along the way.


My thoughts:

If you have read the Torturer’s Daughter then it is definitely a must to read the sequel. If you haven’t read the first book then I think it’s time to pick up the book and read it. I’d say it is definitely worth it. The books come under the genre of Dystopian Fiction and are much like The Hunger Games in that the government functions a certain way and there are people who support it and who do not. True to the meaning of dystopia, this story revolves around the way the government controls everything that happens and how people are labelled rebels and punished for crimes they may not have even committed.

Necessary Sacrifices is the sequel to The Torturer’s Daughter. The story follows Becca as she starts supporting the resistance and tries to make a difference while having joined Internal (the government). Though she doesn’t like what her mother has done, she still loves her the same. Her job is to transcribe the interviews conducted with people who have been caught for dissident activity.

The story progresses well and provides a better insight into how the people are trying to retaliate against Internal. We gain more insight into the functioning of the resistance and Becca’s association with them. Though the daughter of the most powerful lady in Internal, Becca realises that she is a dissident at heart and nothing can change that. She realises she can relate to their point of view as she thinks the same way. A more mature side of her is portrayed in this story.

The well developed character sketches and the twists in the plot keep the reader hooked on to the book. The book is definitely worth reading and is a wonderful sequel to the first. For all the fans of Dystopian fiction or just the Hunger Games, this series is definitely worth a read.

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