Book review: Kiss me, I’m Irish by Bella Street


kiss me i''m irish

Book One in the Tennessee Waltz Series.

Emily Musgrave is heading a direction she never wanted to go in Regency England–namely a convent to turn her from her waywardness. But it’s more loneliness than rebellion that motivates her to escape her certain fate.

Liam Jackson is going nowhere fast in modern-day Tennessee. Playing his Dobro in seedy bars and backward dives along with his fiddling sister, Tinker, is doing nothing for his music career–and even less for the dark places in his soul.

Pixie mischief can not only change time-lines, it can change hearts. Because sometimes a girl just needs a little magic in her life.

About the Author:

Living so close to Nashville has provoked Bella to take up fiddle lessons. Until her tunes no longer sound like amorous alley cats, she writes weird romance (which includes Gothic romance, science fiction romance, apocalypse, time travel, paranormal, fantasy romance–and possibly sasquatch).

Visit her at her website and her blog for fun contests and giveaways and of course, weirdness.

My Thoughts:

This book is a Time Travel Romance. Emily Musgrave, the heroine of the story lives in Regency England, a period when the society was into art and architecture. Emily, a rule breaker to some extent is not happy where she is and when she is being sent off to the convent, she tries to escape thus falling into darkness and waking up to the modern day world. She is found by Tinker who fins her because of her love for all things sparkly and gold. Tinker is accompanied by her brother Liam who is a musician trying to make his way in the industry and get recognition.

Tinker and Liam take Emily in until she gets her bearings. The story then follows their journey from one place to another as Emily tries to cope with the truth of time travel and deal with adjusting to a modern day world. The focus then shifts to the chemistry between Liam and Emily and the feelings they develop for each other with Tinker playing the moderator.

As the story progresses however, we come to know some truths about Tinker and the reason for her being where she is.  depicts the the relationship between the key characters and how Emily accepts her fate and supports Liam as she finds out about his past. The author beautifully This story is a lovely romantic novel and will touch the reader’s heart many times. It is a light pleasing read and will keep the reader smiling all through. With Emily’s attraction to Irishmen, the reader gets a good laugh and it is easy to sympathize with the characters. A reader’s belief in magic and love will be strengthened by reading this story.

I really enjoyed reading this book as it gave me a chance to unwind and enjoy a light read. I recommend this book for all romantic out there! It’s worth it.

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