Book Review: No Return by Zoe Cannon (An Internal Defense novel)

no return


Every dissident knows about Becca Dalcourt.

They know about the lives she’s saved. About the prison break she carried out against impossible odds. They know she turned a dying resistance into the first real threat Internal Defense has faced in a long time.

And even now, with the resistance under attack from the inside, they know Becca can save them.

They’re wrong.

The conclusion to the story that began with The Torturer’s Daughter and Necessary Sacrifices, No Return explores what happens when an ordinary person becomes a legend – and how to choose between who you are and who the world needs you to be.

My Thoughts:

I have previously read and reviewed the first two books in the series: The Torturer’s Daughter and Necessary Sacrifices

No Return is the final book in the Internal Defense series which will be out this month.

The book now focuses on Becca as the leader of the Resistance. this story is about how Becca tries to work against Internal and stop what they do. The story continues from where it left off in the second novel and we are re-introduced to some characters once again. We are shown how hard it is for the people to work together even though they are united by a common cause and how true friendship can make a huge difference.

The characters are well placed throughout the book and each one has their own role to play making everyone a hero and not just Becca. The author has truly brought out the feelings of a mother and her daughter, the bond they share and how love can make a person do anything. One message we can take away from this story is to stick to your principles no matter what happens. It never pays to compromise.

I loved this book, perhaps more than the first two. It is fast paced and will keep the reader hooked on and turning the pages. I did not feel like stopping until I found out what happens. The climax is chilling and unexpected making you go through a variety of emotions and it may take time to reconcile with the ending which comes as a huge shock. However, after reflection I think this is a wonderful twist to the story an thus invites more and lays a good ground for another story.

A dystopian fiction like no other this series has me hooked onto the genre. I have enjoyed the experience of the series so far and  cannot wait to read more.

Do catch this book later this month then it comes out! It is a worthy end to the series.

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