Melting Love Moments by Lynne Pickering

This post is my review of one of Lynne Pickering’s books titled Melting Love Moments. There will be more information about the author and her books in subsequent posts.

About the book:

Suzette felt incredibly lonely. Although she was a stunningly beautiful part time model and perfume sales assistant, her life felt empty. Ten years in the same job had left her jaded and exhausted with her work.

One day, in a flash of inspiration, Suzette decides to visit a fortune-teller. Learning that her destiny lies in Paris, Suzette throws caution to the winds and abandons all that is familiar to her, determined to get to France.

Full of romance and betrayal Suzette’s new life is an unending stream of socialites, millionaires, politicians and couture fashion’s biggest names. Yet amidst all of the distractions and glamour Suzette must struggle to fulfill her destiny and find love.

My Thoughts:

This is a breezy, fun filled light story about following your dreams and falling in love. Suzette, though highly qualified, works as a sales girl for perfumes. She enters a competition which she is sure she will when and when she does, she has moved to Paris to pursue a new life. She wants to make a change in her life and she gets into journalism. She is a romantic and a believer in love at first sight. She meets her true  love by chance and they are separated by a series of unfortunate events till they find each other in Paris. This story is sweet and full of life as Suzette breezes through life cheerfully. Through all the obstacles Suzette faces, her easy charm, ready smile and optimism and enthusiasm are catching and provide a new outlook to life.

The characters are simple and easy to relate to though there is a lot of fashion and shoe talk. This is perhaps the first character I have come across who loves shoes so much. I enjoyed reading this book and recommend this for those who want a light book to read.

One thought on “Melting Love Moments by Lynne Pickering

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