Curses the Witch’s Cat by Frances Ermengarde

About the book:


Curses is a young black cat, who more than anything wants to become a witch’s cat just like his parents. Join him as he and his friends work to achieve their dreams while learning what is truly important.

My thoughts:

This is a short story aimed at children in the age group 1-10. It is a fun story about a young cat name Curses who wants to grow up and become a witch’s cat like his parents. However, to be a witch’s cat, the cat should be all black. Curses has a small white spot on his chest. On learning about this rule he becomes disheartened and sad. This story is about how he ends up being selected by a witch herself. There is a lesson to learn at the end of the story. There are illustrations to accompany the story. This story will make a good bedtime story and the pictures will keep the children interested. A lovely story that is a pleasure to read and be read out.

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