Love, Danger and Secrets by Lynne Pickering

About the book:


Filled with erotic passion, romance, lies, and betrayal, Love, Danger, and Secrets pulls out all the stops. This provocative spy game masquerade crosses three continents with its assassins, intrigue, mystery, and erotica.

Travel writer Veronica is engaged to Darren, the British Minister for Foreign Affairs. An international conspiracy comes to light after an MI6 spy is killed. Darren recruits Veronica to deliver a flash drive to his friend Sean in America, who works for the CIA. The two become targeted by CIA moles and are now on the run. Their only hope lies in Moscow with Sean’s friend Mikhail, a KGB agent. Veronica enters a love triangle with two spies and experiences erotica for the first time. It seems undercover agents are also active under the covers.

With lives at stake and everyone turning on each other, who can Veronica trust? Love, Danger, and Secrets rushes to a thrilling climax you will never expect.


My thoughts:

This is a feel good story which has mystery, drama and romance all rolled up in one. The plot is well thought out and the author keeps to it at all times. The protagonist, Veronica is a travel writer who loves to go to new places and experience new things. She is the typical girl with her interest in fashion and all things pretty and she has a great sense of style. Veronica is engaged to the Minister for Foreign Affairs and though she doesn’t like it and dreams of finding her prince charming, it is to be a marriage of convenience. One day he calls her all of a sudden and asks her to flee the country, go to the US and find his friend Sean. She has to hand over a flash drive with information of a conspiracy in it. As she plans to leave, she turns out to be quite resourceful which shows that she is not all beauty and no brains. This just adds more appeal to the character.

The story gets more interesting as Veronica meets Sean the time spent with him is a different kind of experience for her. Just as she thinks she is developing feelings for him, he disappears and stuck all alone in Russia, Veronica poses as a translator and starts working at the French Embassy. Through her work there she meets Hugh following which the story takes on a couple of twists thereafter. A full fledged romance emerges and later Veronica is caught up in a love triangle while still trying to figure out how to sort out the mess they are in.

The twists introduced make the story more interesting and adds a touch of mystery and adventure. Through the protagonist, the author sends out a clear message that a person can achieve anything by trying hard and thinking things through smartly. There is a lot we can learn from the characters in this story and the author delivers these messages ever so subtly.

I enjoyed reading this book and would strongly recommend it for those who love a mystery coupled with romance.

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