Book Review: A Life of Death: The Complete Second Novel by Weston Kincade

About the Book:


Detective Drummond traces his steps in the years since his childhood, but a mysterious serial killer who evaded the police for over fifteen years is still on the loose, annually performing ritual sacrifices and burning the victims. Alex’s skills at reliving the brutal murders are put to the test when so little is left of the victims.

My Thoughts:
This book proves to be very gripping and more intriguing than the first. Where the first book laid down the basis for a good story, the second takes it to a whole new level. Paranormal fiction juts  gets better with this sequel. This story goes ahead some years in Alex’s life and occurs in the present with a couple of flashbacks to get the story going. All the main characters we have come to love are seen again in this story and they play important roles.
Alex’s relationship with his best friend Jessie is explored when Alex goes to stay over at his place while following a lead in an investigation related to a serial killer. Alex also takes a look into the past to help some people interested in Egyptian history and working on that at the university. He realizes that his gift is needed to help people and also to discover the story of some people so as to put their souls at rest. Jamie, his son also has a gift and that is touched upon t the end of the first book but brought out elaborately at the end of this. Paige’s support and love are shown as the crux to keeping Alex in the right direction as well as his friendship with Jessie.
There are a few important things the author explores in this story that will hold good for anyone in their life, some lessons that need to be understood. The author handles the topic well and the story just flows from one page to the next. It  is a gripping story of Alex’s hunt for a serial killer and the final realization that you are a result of your decisions. A brilliant paranormal fiction this story will keep you reading till the end.

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