Redpillows is now 1 Year Old!


Hello Readers,

Redpillows is one year old now and it has indeed been a long and rather interesting journey so far. I would like to share some information about this journey with you all.

This blog started off as a place to share our random thoughts. My focus was always on writing about books and reading. As time passed I discovered a love for reviewing and started posting these reviews on the blog. There are so many sites and blogs out there that do the same and networking became an integral part of this process.  Slowly this blog has evolved into one dedicated to book reviews, promotional posts about books, releases and interviews with various authors. I have had the pleasure of being approached by numerous authors out there for book reviews and promotions.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the authors who have contacted me and been associated with me for all this time. I do hope this relationship continues and I can continue helping as much as I can. A wonderful shout out to all the people who thought my blog worth following as your support is really encouraging.

Redpillows will continue to have more reviews and anything about books from promotions to interviews and soon guest posts. Feel free to share your thoughts about the blog and any suggestions are welcome!

Thanks all for the support!


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