Cooee the Good Pony and the Little Brown Dog by Lynne Pickering

About the Book:


Get ready for an Australian adventure!

Cooee is a spotted pony who has a heart of gold. Curious and adventurous, he has rescued a lot of people. The pony possesses sharp hearing and a great sense of direction while finding his way.

He becomes a local hero and is loved by everyone for his brave deeds saving lives. But despite all this, Cooee is very lonely, so he makes friends with the crows.

One day Cooee finds a lost puppy and they soon became the best of friends. When Brown Dog comes to live on the farm, every day is a happy day, and they have many fun times together.

Read how a brave pony becomes best friends with a little pup in Cooee the Good Pony and Little Brown Dog.


My Thoughts:

This is a really sweet story, perfect for children in the age group of 4-8 years of age. The story is about Cooee, a pony who makes friends easily, becomes a hero by saving some people and then makes friends with a dog. The story describes how Cooee and the puppy meet and then form a wonderful bond of friendship. The author conveys the message that we should be nice and help those who are in need. The story is interspersed with cute illustrations that add beautiful emphasis. Lynne has once again come out with a story that is simple and yet will definitely make little children smile.

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