Star Wars : A pop-up guide to the galaxy and A Galactic pop-up adventure

These are the latest pop-up books by Matthew Reinhart. My friends and I came across these books at the Scholastic India stall in the Comic Con convention held in Bangalore (1214 September 2014). These books were just being launched in India at the Comic Con convention.


The Star Wars : A pop-up guide to the Galaxy is more along the lines of the empire and Darth Vader. Each popup is masterfully crafted and the highlight are the lightsabers brandished by Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker which actually light up! The most chilling part is a pop–up of Darth Vader where his head can be changed from Anakin to Darth Vader. This book is a little on the dark side.


Star Wars: A Galactic pop-up guide is more general and loosely covers the characters, landscape etc from the movies of the first three episodes. It is interesting and for all the fans a feast for the eyes. This book is more light hearted.

The overall effect of the book is mesmerizing and something fans will love. Matthew Reinhart has done a great job in capturing the essence of the stories and depicting them in a way that will stay with a person forever. It is a great keepsake and the perfect gift for all the Star Wars lovers out there.

We ended up buying the Star Wars: A Galactic pop-up guide though personally I prefer the other one being a huge fan of Darth Vader.

All fans of Star Wars please check out these pop-up books! They are indeed worth the money spent on them. 🙂

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