Book Review of Crazy Daisy: The Environmental Cow and a Bird by Lynne Pickering

About the Book:


Daisy is a milking cow. Farmer Dave, who owns Daisy, is an environmental farmer. Sprays to control pests, like ticks, make Daisy sick. One day, while farmer Dave is on a holiday, Daisy gets a terrible itch, and she tries everything to relieve the itch.

She goes into silly antics, like rubbing her nose on a post, doing summersaults in the paddock, and standing on her head.

She asks assistance from a duck to scratch her itchy nose, and a grasshopper tries to help along with an egret. One day, Daisy meets a bird that migrated from Africa, and her name is Flossy. They become the best of friends. Flossy solves all of Daisy’s problems.

This is a fun story of cooperation, friendship, and saving the environment.


My Thoughts:

This is a cute and fun story for children about daisy, a cow, through whom they can learn the importance of friendship and helping each other. there is also a clear message about the environment and helping to save it. This is shown when the farmer talks about avoiding the use of pesticides. Daisy the cow then finds a way to get rid of her tick problem in a symbiotic way which benefits both her and the bird who comes to help her.

As is common among Lynne’s books, there are some wonderful illustrations that compliment the story and make it a delight to read.

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