Book Review: Girl on Fire A deadly Game by Lynne Pickering

About the Book:


Amanda’s job as a manager in a exclusive shoe factory ends when the factory closes. Her boss Mr Privet is murdered the day after. Is the assassin the same person who burnt her house down? She is held by the police under suspicion and released as new evidence comes to light. With no further ties to her town Amanda drives to LA to further her art career. Her art showed promise at a New York Art Gallery. Mr Privet’s lawyers belatedly make contact with Amanda, and she finds out that Mr Privet left her a large fortune. There are instructions in a series of note books a quest . She must solve clues to a puzzle. Nazi gold is in the story when Mr Privet was in the CIA in Bosnia in 1990. “A who done it!” The first clue in his LA apartment, it leads Amanda to his London apartment and there are more note books and more clues. On to Berlin. She is too rash and makes friends too easily. Suddenly her life is threatened. Continual attempts on her life are made. She suspects that some of her new found friends were also in the CIA and knew Mr Privet and knew about the vast fortune. Are any of these fauve friends criminals? Who can she trust and whom can she love? She feels so alone! Tricks are used. Amanda is the only one that can decipher the codes. Murders, kidnappings, erotic romance. A nail biting, crime thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat. Lynne’s other adult novels. Melting Love Moments ( a young adult contemporary romance.) And Love Danger and Secrets is a spy story romance set in Russia. They flee over four continents. This physiological crime thriller mixed with romance, will have you coming up for air. It is a new genre. An unending array of deceitful faux friends who will do anything for money.

My Thoughts:

This is an interesting story with a story that is intriguing and well played out. Lynne succeeds in narrating the story without straying from the plot. The main characters are well thought out and well placed in the timeline and their respective roles. The protagonist is street smart and has the ability to handle herself pretty well. The story follows her as she tries to find out the truth behind her boss’s murder, a murder for which she was initially framed, and works on deciphering clues that may lead to a treasure.

I did find the story a little difficult to get into at first but as it progressed I could see that it was definitely worth the read. There were a few scenes in the story that I felt were a little too drawn out or had way too much of drama that didn’t seem to fit in with the story. However, those do not draw attention away from the story.

Once again, Lynne demonstrates her passion for art through this story as she has done in her previous books. It is not surprising to see that her protagonist in this story is not only an art lover but has a wonderful eye for decoration and detail. I personally loved reading about the artists that Amanda, the protagonist encounters, and the detailed insight into their crafts.

Overall I believe that anyone who enjoys a novel which has romance mixed with mystery should definitely pick this book up!

Note: Information about the author is available in some of my previous reviews of her books.

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