The Tales of the Zodiac by PJ Hetherhouse

The Tales of the Zodiac is a series of books of which The Goat’s Tale is the first.  I was given this book as a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

About the Book:


It is the distant future. Time has seen humanity rise and fall many times, seemingly
 unable to learn from the mistakes of the past. Now, on the brink of another decline, twelve people step forward to change the course of destiny. Each of them has a tale 
to tell…

The tales of the zodiac is a series inspired by Celtic mythology, Arthurian legend and, most importantly, astrology. Living in a time when Mother Nature has resumed control, the human race has regressed back to its feudal past. It is here, in two civilisations gripped by political intrigue and religious fanaticism, that the tales take place. We begin with Capricorn – The Goat’s Tale.

A boy of sixteen, Gruff is old beyond his years. He is a dour, dogged, determined
 character driven by competitiveness and his rigid moral code. Unsurprisingly, 
this attitude wins him more enemies than friends and, eventually, earns him the most powerful enemy of all – the king.

This royal enmity sets him on a quest that will change his life forever. With nothing but sheer belligerence, and the help of three fierce companions (including Cancer and Scorpio), he defies the king and ultimately achieves an unthinkable victory. Above all things, The Goat’s Tale is a tribute to the indomitable soul of the Capricorn.

My Thoughts:

‘The Goat’s Tale’ is the first in an astrology-themed series of young adult fantasy novels.

This story revolves around the zodiac sign Capricorn and through the story the author subtly brings out the characteristics of any person belonging to that zodiac sign. The author shows us both the positive and negative aspects of the goats personality through this beautifully woven story set in a time when there were kings and knights.

Sixteen year old Gruff is set on being the best at everything that he can even when it means defying the elders and competing directly against the prince. Through this, he ends up gaining the notice of the King who seems to have a taken a dislike to him. He is then tasked to take on a quest from which most people believe there is no return. This story highlights the determination and strength of the Capricorn as they are faced with danger and various life threatening situations. In addition, we are introduced to two people who end up either accompanying Gruff or later joining him. As we understand each person’s character, it is clear that the author has also introduced us to those belonging to the zodiac of Cancer and Scorpio.

This story marks the beginning of the entire series as Ser Gruff plays an important role in bringing the twelve knights together. A story where there is adventure mixed with discovery of both region and self, this is worth a read. A lot of events take place in this book and we come across many characters, some who remain until the end and some who are just passing by. However, all of them have their own importance and place and fit in seamlessly with the plot.

These people however play side roles which are however pivotal in the story. On the whole, this story lays down the path for more stories to come. This is an entertaining read that will keep the reader hooked and wanting for more.

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