Book Review: Running Home by Lizzie Steel

About the Book:

Running Home by Lizzie Steel

After a last minute decision to accompany her parents as they emigrate, Lady Clara Reynolds arrives in India. So intent on running from her past, she is barely aware of where she is running to. Beautiful and compassionate Lady Clara quickly attracts the attention of Sachin Borah, a local plantation owner, and after he kills a deadly snake to save her life, he has her attention too.

Set in the beautiful hills of Kerala, their mutual fascination quickly blossoms into much more. Surely it’s impossible for two people from such different worlds to have a relationship, but how can they stay apart when feel so strongly connected?

My Thoughts:

A riveting story, it explores emotions to a great depth and how strong the bond of love can be between two people. Love is the major emotion that is described or addressed. The story follows Lady Clara, who accompanies her parents back to India, where her father was from. Her mother spends her time being rather unhappy with the situation and the country at large but Clara and her father share the same love for the place. For Clara, it is love at first sight and the tea plantations and beauty of the place only add to her feelings. Bring in the handsome Sachin Borah into the picture and the author has a wonderful recipe for gossip, love, disaster and family, all thrown into one.

The author has brought out the various emotions of each character and has given such depth to each of them that it is difficult not to fall in love with them. The vivid descriptions of the place and the emotions portrayed will draw the reader right into the story. The author goes on to show that love has no boundaries, portraying the same in a very non cliched manner. The language is crisp and beautiful, as beautiful as the words used to describe the place and emotions. The author also brings into picture, the concept of society and how it thinks. This is portrayed really well and is quite easy to relate to.

I know that I probably sound like a broken tape recorder on repeat, continuously talking about the emotions, but the story will draw you in and once inside, there is no going back. It becomes very difficult to put the book down and one can only stop at the end when there is no more to read. It is difficult to talk about this story without revealing it all and thus I will end my review with these last few lines to summarize. The story will bring tears of happiness and sadness to your eyes but the journey is worth it all. For all the lovers of romance or a good love story, this is the book to pick up.

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