Book Review: 58 Farm End by Natasha Murray

I was provided with a copy of the book from the author via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

Release date: 18 December 2020

About the Book:

58 Farm End

After Ivy Brown is found dead in a silent pool at Farm End, Julia Bridgewater and Seth Hearn, from two rival farming families, declare their love for each other.

Their passionate affair does not go unnoticed.

As their bond grows stronger, dark and twisted secrets are unearthed and cause chaos.

Somebody is watching Julia and is becoming impatient.

“Absolutely brilliant! Really, really enjoyed it and I can’t wait for the next in the series.”

Julia and her brother Peter are finding their new life at Farm End challenging. Their dairy farm in Findon, is not doing well. Their Dad, who is struggling with depression, wants to sell the farm and move on. One night, Julia meets the enigmatic Seth Hearn, from the neighbouring Crow Farm and she is instantly drawn to him. How does he know so much about her?

Are Julia and Seth star crossed lovers? Will they be able to deal with those that mean to harm them?

The question is: Who killed Ivy Brown?

My Thoughts:

58 Farm End is a fast paced mystery thriller that introduces the reader to the Bridgewaters and Hearns. They live on neighbouring farms but there is history and bad blood between the two families for years. When Julia Bridgewater meets Seth Hearn, sparks fly even though they are forbidden to see each other. Julia knows her heart and mind and chooses to do as she pleases even though her father and brother disagree. As the story progresses, the reader is provided insight into the families and introduced to various characters.

We are introduced to a variety of characters in the Hearn family, a huge lot and rather suspicious. When Ivy Brown, Jake Hearn’s fiance is found dead in the pond, at the far end of the farm, chaos ensues. Everyone has a shady past or story, everyone is hiding something. I particularly enjoyed how the story unfolded and the mystery unraveled. However, the ease with which Julia and Sean fall in love was a little difficult for me to adjust to.

The plot is well thought out and the characters are easy to relate to. The sibling dynamics between Julia and Peter is interesting and I like how they evolve and learn to understand each other and respect one another. When faced with the prospect of losing their father, they band together to try to help him. There is a lot of heartbreak going around, but in the twists towards the end were brilliantly planned. Some parts of the mystery are so unexpected that this makes for an interesting read!The ending is unexpected and I like how this book leads on to the next one!

A well-written murder mystery, this book is a must read for all!

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