What’s in a Name? Challenge 2021

I just came across the What’s in a Name? challenge hosted by Andrea at Carolina Book Nook and was instantly intrigued. I

nitially I tried to check whether I could fit some of the books read in 2020 into the on-going challenge but unfortunately I do not have a lot of books that fit the categories.

Hence, I am planning to sign-up for the 2021 challenge.

The idea is to pick 6 books, one for each category as defined. For further details about the challenge, checkout the link above to the original post.

The following are the categories:

  • One/1: 
  • Doubled word: 
  • Reference to outer space: 
  • Possessive noun: 
  • Botanical word: Sunflower Sisters by Martha Hall Kelly
  • Article of clothing: The Paris Dressmaker by Kristy Cambron

As you can see, for some I have found books, for the others, I will update this post once I have a book to list.

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