Blogger Interview with Namrata!

Thank you Riddhi for this initiate and for having me on your wonderful blog!

Whispering Stories

Hello everybuddy! As you may or may not know, in late December, I announced that I will be doing a series of blogger interviews and the second one’s here!

Today I will be interviewing another sweet person- Namrata @Red pillows reviews. Check her blog out and do give it some love!!!

Let’s begin!

Me: Tell me something about yourself.

Namrata: I am a 29-year-old engineer working on Automotive Software as my day job. However, all my free time is spent reading! I love the idea of disappearing into a new and different world every day and of discovering something new! I have practically grown up with books and I am happy spending my days in a corner with a book.

Me: Oh, that’s awesome! Why did you start blogging?

Namrata: I started blogging as a way to pass my time while waiting to start work. The blog was…

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