Book Review: Night of the Wolf Moon (New World Shifters Book 1) by Kimberly Loth (Author), Nina Walker

About the Book:

Night of the Wolf Moon (New World Shifters Book 1)

I’m not supposed to be sacrificed to the wolves, that fate belongs to my  sister. 

As the eldest daughter, she’ll join our village’s claimed girls when she turns eighteen. Together, they will go to the wolf shifter city, never to return. 

But a terrible tragedy strikes our family, requiring me to go in her stead.

I never trained for what comes next—a glittering world of beautiful people and pretty dresses, a wolf pack entirely made of men, and a dark underbelly sustaining it all. 

In the Carolina pack, breaking the rules equals death and competition rules it all. 

Twenty girls. 

Five men. 

The winners get husbands. The losers go to the mating houses. And as for me? I fall for the wrong man. 

I’m soon faced with an impossible choice: fight for survival or fight for love. 

Introducing Night of the Wolf Moon, by USA Today bestselling author Nina Walker and International bestseller Kimberly Loth. The New World Shifters series is perfect for fans of shifters, rejected mates, and dark paranormal romance. One click today!

My Thoughts:

First off I have to reiterate that I am a huge fan of Nina Walker’s books. I have also been closely following her recent posts and information regarding her upcoming books. So, it was natural that when she posted about this book written in collaboration with author Kimberly Loth, I jumped at the chance to join the ARC team.

This is the first book in a series in the fantasy fiction genre focusing on shifters, mates and all things paranormal. This book also falls into the romance genre which is perfect for those looking for these combinations. The story follows Poppy as she joins the claimed in place of her murdered sister. As she struggles to fit in and not get into trouble with the shifters, she catches the eye of the Alpha. There is something special about Poppy and I love how she does not hesitate to stand up for herself (whenever she can!). She also starts to make friends and enemies among the others while also showing a protective streak in herself.

The authors are quite brutal in their depictions of the shifters, their mannerisms and who they are. Nothing is sugarcoated, but somehow this just adds to the allure of the book. The characters are an interesting mix and they add to the mystery surrounding most of the story. The authors take us on an emotional roller-coaster ride, dragging us to hell and back along with Poppy and the other girls. We fall in love with the characters, we learn to hate some of them and we even want to kill some (trust me, the authors have done a great job with the descriptions!). The setting is also well described and the concept of this story is quite different from those in the same genre that I have read!

Overall, I love this book and story and cannot wait to read the next book.

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