Walking down memory lane

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and check out some really good books to read during your childhood. This post will be restricted to a few of my favorite books. I will do a follow-up post later to add on more books or else this will be a never-ending list. The books are mentioned in no particular order.

Books by Enid Blyton:

Enid Blyton is definitely my favourite childhood author. I have read almost all the books written by her and can pick these books up, even now and read them all over again. They are filled with fun, light humour, adventure and so much happiness. They are delightful and she created so many characters, that it is difficult not to fall in love with at least some of them.

Find out more about her books at http://www.enidblytonsociety.co.uk/cave-of-books.php

Here are a list of series that are strongly recommended from the very bottom of my heart –

  • The St Clare’s series – A series of books chronicling the lives of girls studying at the boarding school St Clare’s. The books follow them through different years of study and the mischief they get up to brings out many a laugh. The main protagonists are the O’Sullivan twins.
  • The Malory Tower’s series – Similar in concept to the St Clare’s series, this is also a series about a boarding school. This series however follows the life of Darrell river’s as she works her way through each year of schooling along with the various kinds of girls she meets. A whole load of mischief awaits.

The above two series talk a lot about friendship, being truthful, faithful, finding oneself and growing up to be who you were meant to be.

  • The Famous Five – I am sure that most everyone knows of the Famous Five. Just mentioning the name of the series here should be enough of a memory trigger.
  • The Mystery Series (Five Find-Outers and Dog) – A series similar in style to that of the Famous Five, this series is still quite different. It consists of more adventure, disguises, investigation. If you haven’t read it yet, it is never too late!
  • The Adventure Series – A series of books about 4 children and the various adventures they end up on, though similar in the basic theme to the above two series, is once again quite different.
  • The Magic Faraway Tree – This book as well as the Folk of the Faraway Tree, is quite different from Blyton’s other books. These talk about various kinds of people who live in the tree and is quite enchanting to read. It will enhance a child’s imagination to a higher extent.

The Nancy Drew Mysteries by Carolyn Keene:

A famous series about a young girl, in her teens, interested in solving mysteries. She is accompanied by a group of friends and her boyfriend Ned. A rather charming set of books, this is definitely a series that one should have grown up with.

The Hardy Boys series by Franklin W. Dixon:

A YA series about two brothers in their late teens involved in solving mysteries, this counts for quite a fascinating read.

The Three Investigators by Robert Arthur Jr.:

 A YA series about three boys, friends, who are vastly different in their abilities, come together to start an investigating agency complete with visiting cards for them all.

The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot:

A YA series about a girl who learns that she is a princess and has to deal with the responsibilities that come with the same. Written in the form of diary entries, this is a fun filled read.

Look out for the next post which will have more books. In the mean time, add on to this by sharing the various books you have read in your childhood and would like to recommend to me and to others.

Malory Towers series by Enid Blyton


Some of the earliest books I remember reading are those by Enid Blyton. Among the authors for children’s books, she stands far ahead in the kinds of stories she tells. She has written so many books that it is difficult to keep track of, but some of her most famous books do bring back fond memories when I think of them. This is the first of many reviews I plan to write about some of her novels and series.

The Malory towers series is about a boarding school in Cornwall by the same name for girls. They begin school there at the age of 11 and then continue to finish by the age of 17. The series chronicles the life of the students and the fun they have. It talks about strong bonds of friendship and great values in life ad how these can shape a person. The first book is about a girl called Darren who joins the first form and how she adjusts to the new life where girls sleep in dormitories and share their things and are loud but have a lot of fun playing pranks on their teachers and of course having the ever famous midnight feasts. The rest of the books follow the same set of girls as they go up each year and the kind of problems they face with each year. It describes the hard work they need to put in and the kind of qualities brought out in each girl.

The stories are heartwarming, fun and light to read. In spite of that they keep you entertained and you end up loving the characters you read about. Such harmless stories filled with so much meaning and a lot of ideals which we can and should follow in life. These are the kind of books that one can read at any time. There is no particular age to read these books and Enid Blyton’s books are forever. I recommend these books for the sheer joy they bring and the life they add. Frankly I have always secretly wished I could attend one of their midnight feasts!!

More thoughts and reviews on the various books by Enid Blyton will come soon. I do hope there are people out there who share my love for these books.

– Dark Warrior