Book Review: Girl on Fire A deadly Game by Lynne Pickering

About the Book:


Amanda’s job as a manager in a exclusive shoe factory ends when the factory closes. Her boss Mr Privet is murdered the day after. Is the assassin the same person who burnt her house down? She is held by the police under suspicion and released as new evidence comes to light. With no further ties to her town Amanda drives to LA to further her art career. Her art showed promise at a New York Art Gallery. Mr Privet’s lawyers belatedly make contact with Amanda, and she finds out that Mr Privet left her a large fortune. There are instructions in a series of note books a quest . She must solve clues to a puzzle. Nazi gold is in the story when Mr Privet was in the CIA in Bosnia in 1990. “A who done it!” The first clue in his LA apartment, it leads Amanda to his London apartment and there are more note books and more clues. On to Berlin. She is too rash and makes friends too easily. Suddenly her life is threatened. Continual attempts on her life are made. She suspects that some of her new found friends were also in the CIA and knew Mr Privet and knew about the vast fortune. Are any of these fauve friends criminals? Who can she trust and whom can she love? She feels so alone! Tricks are used. Amanda is the only one that can decipher the codes. Murders, kidnappings, erotic romance. A nail biting, crime thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat. Lynne’s other adult novels. Melting Love Moments ( a young adult contemporary romance.) And Love Danger and Secrets is a spy story romance set in Russia. They flee over four continents. This physiological crime thriller mixed with romance, will have you coming up for air. It is a new genre. An unending array of deceitful faux friends who will do anything for money.

My Thoughts:

This is an interesting story with a story that is intriguing and well played out. Lynne succeeds in narrating the story without straying from the plot. The main characters are well thought out and well placed in the timeline and their respective roles. The protagonist is street smart and has the ability to handle herself pretty well. The story follows her as she tries to find out the truth behind her boss’s murder, a murder for which she was initially framed, and works on deciphering clues that may lead to a treasure.

I did find the story a little difficult to get into at first but as it progressed I could see that it was definitely worth the read. There were a few scenes in the story that I felt were a little too drawn out or had way too much of drama that didn’t seem to fit in with the story. However, those do not draw attention away from the story.

Once again, Lynne demonstrates her passion for art through this story as she has done in her previous books. It is not surprising to see that her protagonist in this story is not only an art lover but has a wonderful eye for decoration and detail. I personally loved reading about the artists that Amanda, the protagonist encounters, and the detailed insight into their crafts.

Overall I believe that anyone who enjoys a novel which has romance mixed with mystery should definitely pick this book up!

Note: Information about the author is available in some of my previous reviews of her books.

Book Review of Crazy Daisy: The Environmental Cow and a Bird by Lynne Pickering

About the Book:


Daisy is a milking cow. Farmer Dave, who owns Daisy, is an environmental farmer. Sprays to control pests, like ticks, make Daisy sick. One day, while farmer Dave is on a holiday, Daisy gets a terrible itch, and she tries everything to relieve the itch.

She goes into silly antics, like rubbing her nose on a post, doing summersaults in the paddock, and standing on her head.

She asks assistance from a duck to scratch her itchy nose, and a grasshopper tries to help along with an egret. One day, Daisy meets a bird that migrated from Africa, and her name is Flossy. They become the best of friends. Flossy solves all of Daisy’s problems.

This is a fun story of cooperation, friendship, and saving the environment.


My Thoughts:

This is a cute and fun story for children about daisy, a cow, through whom they can learn the importance of friendship and helping each other. there is also a clear message about the environment and helping to save it. This is shown when the farmer talks about avoiding the use of pesticides. Daisy the cow then finds a way to get rid of her tick problem in a symbiotic way which benefits both her and the bird who comes to help her.

As is common among Lynne’s books, there are some wonderful illustrations that compliment the story and make it a delight to read.

Review: The Extraordinary Concert by Lynne Pickering

About the Book:


Get ready for an extraordinary concert where you can join in singing the symphony of sounds.

One day a turtle was walking along and humming a tune when he came across a green frog humming the same tune. They collaborated and sang together. A brown bullfrog liked the tune, as did a spotted tree frog, and they joined the choir.

It was not long before four fishes heard the song and asked if they could sing as well but had to audition. The green frog took the role as a conductor and asked a nearby crow to join their symphony because he had a special sound. Now they were ready for a concert at full moon.

This is a great, fun book for a classroom or group of children to role-play the characters, and a lot of skill is required for a memory game and fun-singing sounds.


My Thoughts:

This is a great book for children to learn the sounds made by some water animals like fish, turtles and frogs. The author has brought out the difference in sounds made by each animal in a way that can be easily understood. There is also a fun element to the story which will keep the children entertained. They can also sing along trying to replicate the tunes and try to re-create the symphony as the author has shown in the book.

All in all this is a great book to use as a teaching aid while teaching children about the sounds made by animals. the illustrations compliment the story and are wonderful to look at.

Book Review: The Rainbow Fairy by Lynne Pickering

About the Book:


A wicked witch captures the Rainbow Fairy, intending to exchange her for the unicorn’s powers, which would allow the witch to be able to fly unseen without her broomstick!

Kate, a friend of the fairies, comes up with a scheme to defeat the wicked witch.

Kate and the fairies set a trap for the witch’s goblin helpers, intending to trade them for the Rainbow Fairy. At first the plan fails, but then the unexpected happens when the witch’s goblin helpers turn into greenies. Will the wicked witch finally release the Rainbow Fairy?


My thoughts:

A sweet story about Kate and her fairy friends who come up with a plan to save the Rainbow Fairy while managing to turn the goblins good. The story ends on a happy note with everyone having had a great day. It is a story with the message that if you help others and do good, good things will happen to you. As usual the illustrations are wonderful and imaginative. It is a story that children will definitely enjoy listening to and they will love the illustrations.

Cooee the Good Pony and the Little Brown Dog by Lynne Pickering

About the Book:


Get ready for an Australian adventure!

Cooee is a spotted pony who has a heart of gold. Curious and adventurous, he has rescued a lot of people. The pony possesses sharp hearing and a great sense of direction while finding his way.

He becomes a local hero and is loved by everyone for his brave deeds saving lives. But despite all this, Cooee is very lonely, so he makes friends with the crows.

One day Cooee finds a lost puppy and they soon became the best of friends. When Brown Dog comes to live on the farm, every day is a happy day, and they have many fun times together.

Read how a brave pony becomes best friends with a little pup in Cooee the Good Pony and Little Brown Dog.


My Thoughts:

This is a really sweet story, perfect for children in the age group of 4-8 years of age. The story is about Cooee, a pony who makes friends easily, becomes a hero by saving some people and then makes friends with a dog. The story describes how Cooee and the puppy meet and then form a wonderful bond of friendship. The author conveys the message that we should be nice and help those who are in need. The story is interspersed with cute illustrations that add beautiful emphasis. Lynne has once again come out with a story that is simple and yet will definitely make little children smile.

Love, Danger and Secrets by Lynne Pickering

About the book:


Filled with erotic passion, romance, lies, and betrayal, Love, Danger, and Secrets pulls out all the stops. This provocative spy game masquerade crosses three continents with its assassins, intrigue, mystery, and erotica.

Travel writer Veronica is engaged to Darren, the British Minister for Foreign Affairs. An international conspiracy comes to light after an MI6 spy is killed. Darren recruits Veronica to deliver a flash drive to his friend Sean in America, who works for the CIA. The two become targeted by CIA moles and are now on the run. Their only hope lies in Moscow with Sean’s friend Mikhail, a KGB agent. Veronica enters a love triangle with two spies and experiences erotica for the first time. It seems undercover agents are also active under the covers.

With lives at stake and everyone turning on each other, who can Veronica trust? Love, Danger, and Secrets rushes to a thrilling climax you will never expect.


My thoughts:

This is a feel good story which has mystery, drama and romance all rolled up in one. The plot is well thought out and the author keeps to it at all times. The protagonist, Veronica is a travel writer who loves to go to new places and experience new things. She is the typical girl with her interest in fashion and all things pretty and she has a great sense of style. Veronica is engaged to the Minister for Foreign Affairs and though she doesn’t like it and dreams of finding her prince charming, it is to be a marriage of convenience. One day he calls her all of a sudden and asks her to flee the country, go to the US and find his friend Sean. She has to hand over a flash drive with information of a conspiracy in it. As she plans to leave, she turns out to be quite resourceful which shows that she is not all beauty and no brains. This just adds more appeal to the character.

The story gets more interesting as Veronica meets Sean the time spent with him is a different kind of experience for her. Just as she thinks she is developing feelings for him, he disappears and stuck all alone in Russia, Veronica poses as a translator and starts working at the French Embassy. Through her work there she meets Hugh following which the story takes on a couple of twists thereafter. A full fledged romance emerges and later Veronica is caught up in a love triangle while still trying to figure out how to sort out the mess they are in.

The twists introduced make the story more interesting and adds a touch of mystery and adventure. Through the protagonist, the author sends out a clear message that a person can achieve anything by trying hard and thinking things through smartly. There is a lot we can learn from the characters in this story and the author delivers these messages ever so subtly.

I enjoyed reading this book and would strongly recommend it for those who love a mystery coupled with romance.

Is it you? by Lynne Pickering

About the book:


If you could talk to the animals … what would you say? Is It You? is a delightful new children’s book written and illustrated by Lynne Pickering.

Visit a farm in this wonderfully illustrated story and meet all the animals there! When Jane hears a strange noise, she wants to know which animal is responsible, and asks Is It You? To learn “who done it,” she studies the different sounds that the animals make.

My Thoughs:

This is a cute and simple story that describes the sounds that farm animals make. This story is about a little girl who hears a sound made by an Owl and she goes about trying to discover who makes that sound. In this process she asks all the farm animals around and we come to know how each animal sounds. This is a lovely way to teach children the distinct sounds made by many farm animals.

As always, the illustrations are really good and they complement the story beautifully. This can be used to teach children animal sounds easily.

James and the Naughty Seagull series by Lynne Pickering

About the books:


James and the Naughty Seagull

This wonderful children’s book series about a bear and a bird was written and illustrated by Lynne Pickering, who says, “It was enjoyable to paint this cute little shaggy bear and his adventures with this naughty seagull. The characters took on a life of their own once I painted them.”

James and the Naughty Seagull, the first children’s story in the series, introduces James, the smallest of the three bears in his family. He tells tall tales to get attention, so no one believes anything he says. When he really does have an adventure with a naughty seagull, no one believes him until the seagull is injured. It is up to James to save the bird!

The author says, “We owned a childcare center for nine years and there were some children with behavioral problems. I often found if manners and examples of Good Samaritan deeds were explained in a story concerning animals, the children often took notice and an improvement could be seen.”




James and the Jealous, Naughty Seagull

James is a little bear in a family of five. In James and the Jealous, Naughty Seagull, he saves a seagull with a broken wing and it now lives with him. James wants to play ball, but the seagull is far too small, so James’s father buys him a puppy called Jim.

Jim has a kind nature, but he is getting most of James’s attention now and the seagull has become jealous. She tries all types of tricks to get Jim in big trouble. One day a neighbor’s cat was sizing the seagull up for a tasty meal, when Jim came through like a super dog and rescued the seagull from the jaws of death.

From that time on they became friends. As James’s mother says, “It pays to have friends. You never know when you may need them.”

This wonderful children’s story with a message shows just how harmful jealousy can be, and is another in the James and the Naughty Seagull series.



James and the Greedy, Naughty Seagull

James is a little bear who happens to save a seagull that has some behavioral problems.

One day James goes fishing with the seagull. James is disappointed by the bird’s display of greed, when she eats nearly all his catch.

James replaces the fish by spending his pocket money to buy fish for the family’s dinner. Even though the naughty seagull was greedy, the bear decides to give the bird a second chance.

When the seagull is disciplined for her bad manners, James’s mother rewards him for his generosity and unselfishness. This heart-warming children’s story teaches the difference between greed and unselfishness, and is another in the James and the Naughty Seagull series.




My thoughts:

Writing for children is truly an art. You have to get the right story and write in the simplest way to keep their attention all the while ensuring that they understand what they are reading. Lynne Pickering has succeeded in this with her book James and the Naughty Seagull, James and the Jealous Naughty Seagull and James and the Greedy, Naughty Seagull. These three books, aimed at children in the age group of 3-8 years is really fun and their simple stories will definitely keep children interested.

The stories are accompanied by wonderful illustrations at all the correct places which will help children understand what they are reading better. They can relate to the story through these illustrations. The best thing is at the end of the books are some questions which will encourage the children to think of what they read and try to remember.

Through the 3 books, the author brings out the consequences of being jealous and greedy. She also conveys that being nice to someone and helping them is a good thing to do. The messages in the stories are clear and have been brought out really well.

Book Review: The Magic Doorway by Lynne Pickering



Janet and Mary-Louise live near an enchanted forest. One day a small fairy friend named Lulu visits the girls and tells them about a magical doorway that has mysteriously appeared!

When they travel through the doorway, a magical whirlwind transports them to a strange land controlled by a wicked witch.

The girls have an amazing adventure with Lulu and help the fairy to break the witch’s spell, thereby saving the Fairy Princess and freeing her subjects. Will The Magic Doorway be able to take the girls back home safely? Find out in this magical adventure.

About the author:

Lynne Pickering is an internationally renowned artist. She has sold over five thousand paintings in more than thirty countries. She worked as an international finance broker arranging funding for projects from high-rise offices to resorts, and she lives with her family in Queensland, Australia. She writes thrillers as well as children’s books. Her book covers are her own wonderful creations.

Publisher’s website:

My Thoughts:

This is a short and simple story that will surely entertain children. It is a sweet story of two girls who enter a magical doorway only to find that they have to save the Fairy Princess from the wicked witch. A story that will appeal to children and fire their imagination with regard to all things magic and make believe. The story is written in simple language and would definitely make a wonderful bedtime story! The pictures help emphasize the description and portraying the girls as dolls is a brilliant idea. The artistic talent of the author is seen through the pictures. Though this is aimed mainly at young children, the book will surely appeal to people of all age groups as it will bring out the inner child in you!

Melting Love Moments by Lynne Pickering

This post is my review of one of Lynne Pickering’s books titled Melting Love Moments. There will be more information about the author and her books in subsequent posts.

About the book:

Suzette felt incredibly lonely. Although she was a stunningly beautiful part time model and perfume sales assistant, her life felt empty. Ten years in the same job had left her jaded and exhausted with her work.

One day, in a flash of inspiration, Suzette decides to visit a fortune-teller. Learning that her destiny lies in Paris, Suzette throws caution to the winds and abandons all that is familiar to her, determined to get to France.

Full of romance and betrayal Suzette’s new life is an unending stream of socialites, millionaires, politicians and couture fashion’s biggest names. Yet amidst all of the distractions and glamour Suzette must struggle to fulfill her destiny and find love.

My Thoughts:

This is a breezy, fun filled light story about following your dreams and falling in love. Suzette, though highly qualified, works as a sales girl for perfumes. She enters a competition which she is sure she will when and when she does, she has moved to Paris to pursue a new life. She wants to make a change in her life and she gets into journalism. She is a romantic and a believer in love at first sight. She meets her true  love by chance and they are separated by a series of unfortunate events till they find each other in Paris. This story is sweet and full of life as Suzette breezes through life cheerfully. Through all the obstacles Suzette faces, her easy charm, ready smile and optimism and enthusiasm are catching and provide a new outlook to life.

The characters are simple and easy to relate to though there is a lot of fashion and shoe talk. This is perhaps the first character I have come across who loves shoes so much. I enjoyed reading this book and recommend this for those who want a light book to read.