Release Blitz: Amniwar by Adam Reese


33957848Amniwar by Adam Reese

Genre: Science Fiction Suspense
Series: Amniwar Trilogy, Book One
Publication Date: February 21, 2017



Humans are in danger of extinction due to the multiple world wars that have progressively shaken the fabric of society. The government discovers a leak, leading them to a Navy Captain’s son, Aaron Lambright. Their desperate actions to bring silence to the secret Aaron holds is only the beginning of a sinister plot to bring the nation kneeling before tyranny.

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Book Review: Starcursed by Nandini Bajpai

Book Blurb:


In the ancient city of Ujjayani, the planets align to decide the fate of two starcursed lovers. Born under the curse of Mars, brilliant and beautiful Leelavati, daughter of the famed astronomer Bhaskarya Acharya of Ujjayani, knows she can never wed. But when her childhood playmate, the handsome and rich Rahul Nagarseth, returns from sea, their attraction is rekindled under stormy monsoon skies. As Leela, forced by fate to relinquish Rahul, tries to find solace in teaching at her fathers observatory, a fleeting alignment of the stars is discovered that can help overcome her curse. But Rahul is called away on a war to defend his kingdom. Can he return in time or will she lose him forever to the will of the planets? Set in turbulent twelfth century India, against the backdrop of the savage wars waged by Muhammad of Ghor and his band of Turkis, Starcursed is a sweeping tale of science, romance and adventure that will transport its readers to another world.


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About the Author:


Nandini Bajpai grew up in New Delhi, India, one of four sisters and many cousins, in a family that liked to read. Although she dabbled in corporate finance, business analysis, and fostering shelter animals, her first love is writing. Her novel Red Turban White Horse: My Sister’s Hurricane Wedding was published in 2013 by Scholastic India.  She lives in the Boston area with her husband, kids, their dog Yogi and cat Rakhan.

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My Thoughts:

This is a simple story of two people who realise their love for each other and are willing to look beyond caste, society and their astrological charts to be together. The protagonist, Leelavati is a wonderful person and in a time when people scorn at women seeking to learn, she is encouraged by her father. She has one of the sharpest minds when it comes to the field of mathematics and astrology second only to her father. She manages to win the respect of many people through her knowledge.

Rahul, her playmate from childhood returns after some time away and that is when they realise their love for each other. Leelavati is born under the influence of Mars and according to her astrological chart, due to which she cannot wed as it is feared that whoever she may wed will die within a year of marriage. As the story unravels, the reader will respect Leelavati and her father. All the characters in the story gel beautifully making this book worth a read.

The story is different set in a time in history when mathematics and astrology were the main focus with a war waging in the backdrop. The twist in the story prevents it from becoming a predictable love story. A wonderful, well written story that brings out the power of love and faith.