Review: The Extraordinary Concert by Lynne Pickering

About the Book:


Get ready for an extraordinary concert where you can join in singing the symphony of sounds.

One day a turtle was walking along and humming a tune when he came across a green frog humming the same tune. They collaborated and sang together. A brown bullfrog liked the tune, as did a spotted tree frog, and they joined the choir.

It was not long before four fishes heard the song and asked if they could sing as well but had to audition. The green frog took the role as a conductor and asked a nearby crow to join their symphony because he had a special sound. Now they were ready for a concert at full moon.

This is a great, fun book for a classroom or group of children to role-play the characters, and a lot of skill is required for a memory game and fun-singing sounds.


My Thoughts:

This is a great book for children to learn the sounds made by some water animals like fish, turtles and frogs. The author has brought out the difference in sounds made by each animal in a way that can be easily understood. There is also a fun element to the story which will keep the children entertained. They can also sing along trying to replicate the tunes and try to re-create the symphony as the author has shown in the book.

All in all this is a great book to use as a teaching aid while teaching children about the sounds made by animals. the illustrations compliment the story and are wonderful to look at.

Is it you? by Lynne Pickering

About the book:


If you could talk to the animals … what would you say? Is It You? is a delightful new children’s book written and illustrated by Lynne Pickering.

Visit a farm in this wonderfully illustrated story and meet all the animals there! When Jane hears a strange noise, she wants to know which animal is responsible, and asks Is It You? To learn “who done it,” she studies the different sounds that the animals make.

My Thoughs:

This is a cute and simple story that describes the sounds that farm animals make. This story is about a little girl who hears a sound made by an Owl and she goes about trying to discover who makes that sound. In this process she asks all the farm animals around and we come to know how each animal sounds. This is a lovely way to teach children the distinct sounds made by many farm animals.

As always, the illustrations are really good and they complement the story beautifully. This can be used to teach children animal sounds easily.