PING: THE RESCUE OF EDEN by Stuart Avery Gold





An eco-parable about climate change and an inner responsibility to the outside world

In the new book, Ping the frog is troubled by disturbing indications of growing imbalances in Eden Pond that compel him to embark on a crucial journey to help guide a stricken world back to the path of harmony. PING: THE RESCUE OF EDEN is an enchanting cautionary parable for this time and all time. The PING series has been translated in more than 20 languages and inspires audiences to integrate practices and principles to overcome the obstacles that hold them back, and shows the limitless possibilities that can result from taking a leap of faith.

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My Thoughts:

The first thing that enters my mind now that I have read this book is IT IS AWESOME. It is about Ping, the frog who sets out in the hope of saving his pond and finding out what is affecting with the environment and nature. Through Pings journey, we are given an insight into his thinking and the conversations he has with some of the other animals he encounters on the way. We are also given an insight into what they think of humans and how our actions are affecting the environment.

The author has subtly conveyed to us the consequences of our actions and shows us that there is more to life than just that person without sounding like he is preaching. The simpleness of the story and the way it is written will make us pause and think, reevaluating our thoughts and ideas. This book will encourage the reader to do something about their life instead of just being laid back about everything. It will inspire the reader to face challenges in their lives with their head held high.

A book worth reading, Pings adventures are inspiring and though provoking in a subtle, non-preaching manner. This should be read by everyone at-least once to stop and evaluate their beliefs and push themselves in a direction of self growth and discovery.