Darkness – A Poem

Another one of my poems, written some years ago but never shared. Hope you all like it.


The darkness outside,
It beckons,
A midnight stroll.
Oh the peace,
The freedom of the night,
Not everyone sees it that way,
As a means of escape,
When no one can see you,
You are all by yourself,
In the dark,
And no one can know the truth,
Out peeps the moon,
Shining brightly far away,
Casting a pale glow down on earth,
Enough to just light up the path,
For a moonlit stroll,
Left to be alone,
With your thoughts,
A means of escape,
Oh the darkness,
It beckons,
The night we must fear not.

A WALK TO REMEMBER by Nicholas Sparks


This was among the first of the author’s books I read. The moment I read this I fell in love with the author’s style of writing and his way of storytelling. This is a love story that touches you to the depths of your soul. It is heartwarming and heart wrenching, happy and sad all wrapped up in on.

The story revolves around the lives of two youngsters, a girl, Jamie, who has a rare form of leukemia which no one knows about, and a boy, Landon, who is the popular guy at school. Jamie is loving, caring, and a true believer in god while Landon is troubled, rebellious and resents his father for leaving him and his mother. Due to certain circumstances, Landon is forced to be a part of the school Christmas play as punishment for his bad behavior. He spends time with Jamie while working on the play and develops feelings for her in spite of her warning him against it. He stands up for her against his friends and soon his priorities in life undergo a huge change. Once he discovers the existence of her bucket list, he sets out to help her fulfill it. When she finally confesses the truth about her illness, after her father reproaches her for hiding it, Landon though hurt and unhappy that she had not told him before, remains with her and makes her happy. When Jamie’s health takes a turn for the worse, Landon makes up his mind to fulfill her number one on her bucket list, to marry someone she loves in the same church where her parents got married. She gives him her mother’s bible which she used to carry everywhere with her and in it are marked all her favourite passages. Jamie’s father, the pastor walks his daughter down the aisle and presides over the beautiful ceremony. A while after this Jamie dies, having changed Landon life forever. Landon describes that as the perfect summer of his life. As a result of his relationship with Jamie, and through her encouragement before she passes away, he finally goes on to fulfill his dreams and gets an acceptance to medical school. Jamie changed his life forever and showed him how he could be a better person.

The story is written beautifully, the feelings expressed so well that they touched me and left a huge impression on me. I was able to relate with the characters and experience every feeling of theirs. I strongly recommend this book as it is a beautiful story about love, friendship, forgiveness and trust.

– Dark Warrior