In conversation with Deirdra Eden

In conversation with Deirdra Eden the author of the Watchers series. The first book in the series is Knight of Light. Here is what the author has to say:

1)      What/who inspired you to start writing?
I started writing when I was a child as a way to mentally escape a bad situation. I wrote song lyrics, and then journaling became important to me. Studying my family history has also added layers of complexity to my stories.

2)      Tell us a little about yourself.
I love adventures, all different kinds of people, kitties and unicorns.
I swordfight and do archery. I love to remodel old buildings and explore the woods.
I can walk along the ocean coast for miles, looking for shells and pretty rocks or just being memorized by the waves.
I love to walk across wooden bridges, hang out in tree houses, and eat black berries off the vine and fruit that I pick from the trees.
My favorite time is in the morning at sunrise and when it rains.

3)      What is your favourite genre?
I love fantasy, history, theology and travel.

4)      Which is your favourite book?
The Old Testament and The Atlas.

5)      Who is your favourite author?
C. S. Lewis, because of his broad world, eternal and life views.
L. Frank Baum, for his persistence in writing and publishing and for believing in himself.
And  Stephenie Meyer for staying down to earth and personable when she could have easily become vain from her success.

6)      What are your hobbies?
Archery, sword fighting, painting. exercise, exploring, and even a little bit of video gaming.

7)      Perfect holiday destination?
Ireland, Scotland, England, Washington State, Oregon, New Zealand just to name a few places.

8)      Describe a perfect writing day.
Being a mom of young kids, I don’t have “writing days.” I tell everyone that I’m in time out for 15 minutes and no one talks to me while I write. I do what I can and once the timer goes off life carries on with dishes and diapers etc.

9)      Which is the best part of writing a story?
Suddenly being hit with inspiration.

10)   How much inspiration do you draw on from real life experiences, with respect to plot, characters etc?
Almost everything in my books is based on something that really happened and almost all my characters are real people, just with different names … and I give them super powers.

11)   Who among the characters you created do you like the most and why?
I love all my characters equally.

12)   How much do you relate to the characters or incidents in your story?
I relate to all my characters in some way, or at least try to understand them, even the villains.
But I would say I am most like Auriella. We have many of the same fears and doubts, strengths and weaknesses and even hopes.

13)   What kind of impact do your stories have on you?
Many times I’ve been thinking about a question in my life and I find the answer in my book. It’s helped me realize that as humans we each have our own story with villains, trials, mentors, quests and character arcs. We may need to edit out people who don’t lift us or build our character and we may wish we can skip to the end to see if our story turns out. We may not always choose what happens to us, but we can choose whether to let our trials make us weaker or stronger, because that’s how our characters become stronger, by doing hard things in hard times.