Book Review – Samsara: Enter the Valley of the Gods by Saksham Garg

About the Book:


What if you came face to face with the king of the gods?

Phones stop working. Smartwatches die out. Arms start glowing with blue scars.

And training begins the very next day for Aman Chandra and ten other Souls of Samsara, who are kidnapped from modern-day India and transported to a hidden valley in the Himalayas. In this realm of magic, home to Hindu gods, immortal yogis and mythical beasts, the mission is clear for the Souls of Samsara: to learn the ancient art of yogic sorcery and prepare within one year for a treacherous journey not many can survive.

But why must they go on this journey? And how are the gods connected to it all?

Before they get any answers, the Souls of Samsara realize that there is a larger scheme at play. The king of the gods has passed a controversial order. And Aman must make a tough decision that will change not just his life but the fate of an entire nation . . .

My Thoughts:

Samsara: Enter the Valley of the Gods is currently one of the most talked about books. This is a well-written YA, mythological fiction that will draw the reader into a world unlike the one we know today. The author has created a whole new world around the gods where ten souls are brought to a valley hidden in the Himalayas and trained for one year to take on a very specific journey.

The story introduces us to a myriad of characters some of whom are very interesting. Initially, it took me some time to get into the story and to understand what was happening. However, as the story progressed, I was hooked. The writing is simple to follow and the world building was very well done. The author brought to us a world where children who live in the modern world today are brought to a hidden location where everything is different. They have no contact with the outside world, their phones and other modern technology do not work and the only thing they can do is follow instruction, learn and try to get along with one another.

The author handles these different characters very well and ensures to reveal each one’s past to us as the story progresses. We are not hit with a boatload of information right from the start, but there is a gradual progression and the reader is eased into the whole journey along with the characters. There is adventure, some action and a strong focus on character dynamics. Friendships are built and bonds are forged in this journey as they learn to work together.

While all this in play, Aman has the most interesting and startling revelation from the king of the gods himself and battles within himself to figure out what to do. His interactions and dynamics with the teachers as well as the other Souls of Samsara shaped the story and brought out different qualities in him and the others. What I enjoyed the most was the suspense regarding the final journey or task that they are preparing for. The author ensures to give us glimpses into the past as the story progresses and drops enough hints regarding this perilous journey to keep us reading on. The most unexpected twist comes in towards the end paving the way for the next book which I am absolutely looking forward to reading.

I strongly recommend this book for all those who enjoy YA fiction, fantasy and mythological fiction set against the backdrop of the Himalayas.


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